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Updated on:  08/14/15

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Extractor #2

Honey from the Extractor.

From Tank to Drum

Hot Room

2003 Nucs

2003 nucs next to our home beesite.

New Paint

Bee Tree

Bee Tree

Bee Tree

Bee Tree

Bear Damage from 12/04

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Suit of Bees

Raw Beeswax

"Big Swarm"

"Garment of Bees"

Honey collecting from 9000 B.C.


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Magnified Stinger

Honey Hunters of Nepal

Honey Hunters of Nepal

Honey Hunters of Nepal

Office Makeover

First Swarm of 2006

Swarm close up

2007 Bear looking for a snack.

Old Sign

New Sign

Drone at entrance