Teaching kids about the importance of bees.

The Importance of Bees
Honeybees are flying insects that are distinguished by their capacity to produce and store honey. While the production of honey is important for the economy, there are a variety of other ways that bees contribute to modern day society. By better understanding the role that bees play in the world, including the products that they create and the history of beekeeping, you can better appreciate this important little insect.


Bees Hornets and Wasps of the World

Bees, Hornets and Wasps of the World.
 A great list with pictures of the most common bees, hornets and wasps from all around the world.


National Honey Board

The National Honey Board, through its dozen-member staff in
Longmont, Colorado, conducts research, advertising and promotions
to help maintain and expand domestic and foreign markets for honey.


Beekeeping Library from Russia 

A very informative website on everything about honeybees and their products.


BeeHoo is the world's beekeeping directory, it indexes more than 1000 bee
related sites around the world. Based in France.