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Outside use Mahogany Observation Hive
2 Frame Portable Observation Hive
Observation Hive Instructions

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The proud owner of any of this units, will receive an instant education.
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These hives are designed for use in your living room, den, or wherever you choose. The wood is beautifully finished furniture quality. All of our observation hives are made with safety glass that will meet all insurance needs for public viewing. They are 45" tall, 30" wide, and turn 360 degrees for maximum viewing pleasure. The base, which remains stationary, has a tunnel attached which goes to the outside of the building for the bee’s entrance and exit. To work the bees, a sliding trap door closes the entrance; then the whole top part of the hive is lifted off and carried outside for manipulation. The style of the hives that we have in stock may vary from the pictures below. The observation hives that we have in stock are listed below, if you would like to see an individual picture of the hive you are interested in feel free to email us and I will send you a picture of that hive. We can also custom build a observation hive to your specifications, just email or call us with your ideas.
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Standard Pine Standard Cherry Deluxe Oak Deluxe Walnut
Deluxe Hickory Deluxe Wormwood Maple Pine Bee Venom Therapy  
hive feeder Each Hive has a built in sugar syrup feeder.

hive entrance
The base unit with entrance/exit

Study Prints

These 12 beautiful 13" x 18" color enlargements depicting various bee behavioral characteristics and beekeeping scenes are excellent for along side your observation hive. Printed on the back of each photo is instructional material that gives you more information about the picture.

Study Prints
Item# DA-001 
Set of 12 for $ 44.95

Study Prints

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Item #

Observation Hives


OB-001 Pine Observation Hive 595.00
OB-002 Standard Oak Observation Hive 595.00
OB-011 Standard Cherry Observation Hive 595.00
OB-004 Bee Venom Therapy Oak Observation Hive 995.00
OB-013 Deluxe Wormwood Maple Observation Hive 895.00
OB-014 Deluxe Hickory Observation Hive 895.00
OB-006 Deluxe Cherry Observation Hive 895.00
OB-005 Deluxe Oak Observation Hive 895.00
OB-017 Deluxe Walnut Observation Hive 895.00
OB-010 Outside use Mahogany Observation Hive 1,395.00

2 Frame Portable Observation Hives

OB-009 2 Frame Portable Cherry Observation Hive 595.00
OB-018 2 Frame Portable Mahogany Observation Hive 595.00
OB-019 2 Frame Portable Oak Observation Hive 595.00
OB-020 2 Frame Portable Black Walnut Observation Hive 595.00
We have a complete beginner's kit available click here for more info.
We also sell assembled replacement frames for our observation hives...give us a call.

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Note: Shipping will not be included in the shopping cart when you check out. When we receive your order we will figure the shipping cost to your area or we may be able to help you save on the shipping costs by delivering to you ourselves! If you are within our normal delivery area we can deliver your observation hive right to your door fully assembled for a small drop off fee, the shipping costs for these large items starts at $ 250.00 our drop off fee is $ 50.00, when we determine which method is best for your area we will contact you via email or phone to get your approval. Nothing will be charged to your credit card until we have your approval on all charges involved. If a custom made observation hive needs modifications after it has been delivered, the customer is responsible for an costs to make the necessary modifications.


Outside Use Mahogany Observation Hive

    This observation hive is designed to be used outside, but we still recommend that a small roof be built over it. It does not rotate like our other observation hives, because there is no need to move the hive to work on it, plus it also makes the hive more stable for outside conditions. Both sides have key locked doors, that close over the glass, protecting the bees from direct sunlight and bad weather. Like our other observation hives, it comes installed with safety glass, sliding trap door that closes the entrance and a built in sugar syrup feeder. To help it survive for decades, we have used pure Mahogany wood and applied 2 coats of marine varnish to finish it off.

For a larger view click on the thumbnails.


2 Frame Portable Observation Hive  $ 595.00 + shipping

Great for beekeepers who want to share the amazing world of honeybees
with fair goers, school groups, their bee club or for any occasion.
This hive is secure and is easily transported and is intended for temporary housing only.


2 deep frames included,
 Half of the base is on a piano hinge to help in carrying,
Detachable Gun sling for easy carrying,
12 Air Vents,
Built in feeder,
Lazy Susan for 360 degree turning,
The door is held securely closed with 2 safety screws,
Safety glass protection against breakage,
Quality fit and finish on every hive.

Available is Cherry, Walnut, Oak and Mahogany


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