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Flavored Honey in a straw!

Flavors available:  Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, Chocolate, Cinnamon, Clover, Grape, Lemon, Mint, Orange, Orange Blossom, Peach, Pink Lemonade, Raspberry, Rootbeer, Strawberry and Watermelon.

 $ .25 each

160 ct. pack of any one flavor
$ 19.95 each

160 ct. pack of Orange Blossom
Pink Lemonade
$ 26.95 each

200 ct. mixed pack of our
most popular flavors: 
Apple, Blueberry, Cherry, Clover,
Raspberry and Strawberry 
$26.95 each

200 ct. mixed canister with
Cinnamon, Mint, Lemon and Lime
$ 43.95 each

Great in tea, a healthy snack
for the kids, or as gifts.

Honeystix Facts:

*Honeystixs contain 4mls and weighs 6g *Only 20 calories per straw *Honey is comprised of 73 substances *Honey is 1 1/2 times sweeter than sugar *Straws are virtually unbreakable, *Hermetically sealed *Very portable *Put a few in your pocket or bag *Easily absorbed into bloodstream for quick energy

To order individual honeystixs just enter how many you want next to the type. You can order multiple types before clicking the "Add To Cart" button. 

Pure Orange Blossom
Pink Lemonade
17 Honeystix (one of each flavor)

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Honey Filled
Hard Candies

 Individually wrapped candies
are sold in 1 lb. or 5 lb. bags
of single flavors or mixed flavors.

Flavors available:
Apple, Double Honey, Grape,
Lemon, Orange & Strawberry

  1 lb. bag - $ 5.95 each
5 lb. bag - $ 18.95 each

For nutrition and ingredient information click here.


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 Pennsylvania Produced
Pure Maple Syrup

8 oz. - 1/2 Pint plastic - $ 7.95 each
16 oz. - Pint plastic - $ 13.95 each
32 oz. - Quart plastic - $ 19.95 each
128 oz. - Gallon plastic - $ 55.00 each
5.5 gallon plastic pail - $ 265.00 each


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 Pure Unsulfured Blackstrap Molasses

1 lb. 6 oz. Pint Blackstrap - $ 3.50 each
2 lb. 14 oz. Quart Blackstrap - $ 5.50 each
11 lb. Gallon Blackstrap - $ 15.95 each
5 Gallon Pail Blackstrap - $ 42.95 each

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 Molasses is produced from sugar cane, mostly from the West Indies. Sugar Cane requires 12 to 15 months to mature. It is then cut and hauled to the factory where juice is extracted to make sugar, syrup, or molasses. At the factory, the cane is put on a conveyer and passed through knives that slice the it, then it is passed between a series of three iron rollers that press out the cane juice. The juice is strained and hydrated lime is added. The juice is then heated and pumped into a tank where all impurities and lime appear on the surface of the juice as scum or it goes to the bottom as sediment. If Supreme molasses is preferred the syrup is partially inverted. If sugar is desired the syrup is further evaporated. This mixture of sugar crystals and molasses is separated by a centrifugal chamber which has perforated walls. The molasses which is Blackstrap molasses is thrown through these perforations and the sugar crystals fall out the bottom of the chamber. The sugar crystals will then be taken to a sugar refinery were it is packaged.