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Beeswax is the oldest and purest wax in the world. There are no artificial ingredients. Beeswax has been used in hundreds of products, including: candles, cosmetics, soap, potpourri, adhesives, lubricants, fly paper, furniture polish, and paint removers. It also has many uses, like: Easter Egg decorating, sculpting, lubricating of thread and nails, waxing bowstrings, coating on waffle irons, and many, many other craft uses. The melting point of beeswax is 142 degrees. Care of beeswax products is very simple: occasionally buff with a soft cloth or warm with a blow dryer to return original luster and honey scent, insuring many years of enjoyment.

For Beeswax Candle Molds Click Here.

Small block Beeswax
(approx. wt. 1 oz.)

1.05 each


Small Blocks Beeswax


Hex block Beeswax
(approx. wt. 2 oz.)

$ 1.45 each


Hex Blocks Beeswax

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Medium block Beeswax
(approx. wt. 8 oz.)

$ 4.65 each


Medium Blocks Beeswax 


Large blocks Beeswax
(approx. wt. 1 lb.)

$ 7.50 each

50 lbs. or more
Strained, clean beeswax blocks ready for cosmetic or craft use.

$ 7.30 per lb.


Each Large Blocks Beeswax


Lbs. Large Blocks Beeswax


Beeswax Candles

This pair of 10 inch pure beeswax candles will give you hours of smokeless burning time.

10" long

$ 9.95 pair


  Pair 10 inch Candles


Candle Display Box

If you plan on selling your 10" candles by the pair this white box with clear lid makes a nice display.

$ 1.75 each

Candles not included


  Candle Boxes

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Old Fashioned
Beeswax Polish

Lemon Oil & Beeswax polish will
restore full luster to all kinds
of fine wooden furniture.

$ 4.95 per 8 oz. bottle








Beeswax blocks

BW-006 Unprocessed Beeswax (less than 50 lbs.)
Raw beeswax, colors vary.
$ 6.15 per lb.

Raw Beeswax

BW-007 Unprocessed Beeswax (50 lbs. per box)
Raw beeswax, colors vary.
$ 297.50 per box

($ 5.95 per lb.)

50 lb. box
Raw Beeswax

  Beeswax sheets for makings rolled candles  

To order individual sheets just enter how many you want next to the type. You can order multiple types before clicking the "Add To Cart" button. 



Colors Available:

Burgundy (PM-001), Navy (PM-002), French Blue (PM-004),
Flame (PM-007), Forest Green (PM-008), Red (PM-010), Yellow (PM-011),
Egg Plant (PM-012), Brown (PM-013), Natural (PM-014)

These beeswax sheets are made to make rolling your own candles a snap!

They measure 8 x 16 and are available in the following colors.

Colors are as close to the actual colors as this method of reproduction will allow. Some colors will vary more than others.

We recommend 2/0 wicking for rolled candles. 
Sold on the next page.

$ 2.75

French Blue
Forest Green
Egg Plant