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Because technology is changing the way we all watch videos we are selling our our old VHS tapes below. Many of these VHS tapes are not being converted to digital files and will unfortunately be lost to the many new beekeepers that may benefit from them. We have already put all of our remaining VHS tapes on special but if you are interested in a particular tape...make us an offer - we would like to see them used by someone rather than collecting dust.

I am working on converting some of the videos that we own or have received permission to use into digital video. Below are the ones I have done thus far. You can watch the videos for free just by clinking the name of the video. By offering them for free we hope to help educate not only our fellow beekeepers but anyone interested in our amazing friends the honeybees! My plan for the future is to offer as many instructional and educational videos online as we can. Thanks and enjoy...Royal Draper!

The Simple Bear Fence (Our proven system to stop bears from destroying your hives.)

How to install your package bees (Easy to follow instructions on installing your package bees.)

What's Buzzin (Educational video that is great for younger kids.)

Just Add Honey
(How to cook with honey - plus some great recipes.)

A Bee's Life
(An educational video that is great for everyone.)

Used VHS videos are for sale - all in very good condition.

Use the Miscellaneous Cart at the bottom of the page to order online or give us a call at 800-233-4273.

We also have some videos available in DVD click here.

Run time is in minutes.

We also have beekeeping books available click here.






A-75001 Bees: Backyard Science 13 $ 10.00 Educational
B-00002 Animal Families: The Bee 11 $ 10.00 Educational
AA-5001 “Pride” 8 $ 10.00 All beekeepers should see this
D-8003 Keeping Bees & Producing honey 130 $ 10.00 For beginning beekeepers
Q-5003 Beekeeping with Ed Weiss 58 $ 10.00 Nice presentation
N-0505 Spring Management I 57 $ 10.00 Continuation of above
O-0505 Spring Management II 57 $ 10.00 Continuation of above
P-0505 Honey Management 57 $ 10.00 Richard Taylor is in this
E-5003 Colony Division & Requeening 50 $ 10.00 Interesting & Helpful
G-5003 Varroa Mite 50 $ 10.00 Educational for Beekeepers
H-5003 Tracheal Mite 50 $ 10.00 Educational for Beekeepers
L-8003 Queen & Packaged Bee Production 50 $ 10.00 Different viewpoints
U-3503 Candle Making For Everyone 60 $ 10.00 From processing wax to candles
V-3503 Swarm Catching Boxes 60 $ 10.00 How swarm trap and nucs work
W-3503 Free Bees For You 60 $ 10.00 Trapping bees from buildings
X-3503 The Magic Of Mead 60 $ 10.00 Secrets of mead making
AC-0004 Controlling Honeybee Emergencies 30 $ 10.00 For fire departments
AE-5002 Honeybees & You 60 $ 10.00 Maryland Bee Assoc. tape
AU-40001 The Life of the Honey Bee 44 $ 10.00 Excellent film
AP-0004 Successful Queen Rearing 14 $ 10.00 Very effective
AS-9954 Colony Evaluation for Pollination 24 $ 10.00 A Grower & Pollinator’s guide
AG-5007 The Industrious Bee I 60 $ 10.00 English TV presentation
AH-5007 The Industrious Bee II 60 $ 10.00 Continuation of above
AI-5007 The Industrious Bee III 60 $ 10.00 Continuation of above
AK-45001 Advanced Queen Rearing 67 $ 10.00 A great German production
AAH-9952 Medications & Pesticides 23 $ 10.00 How to use
AAI-0003 “Gizmos, Gadgets & Things” 60 $ 10.00 JZ BZ tape
AT-5001 “Apistan, So The Bee May Live” 9 $ 10.00 Proper use of Apistan
AY-4502 The Art Of Requeening 16 $ 10.00 Simple and direct
ABC-9952 Honey Bee Queens:
Marking and Installing
25 $ 10.00 From Bee Culture’s Beekeeping Workshops
C-9952 The Workable African Bee 60 $ 10.00 Filmed in Brazil
F-8003 The Monk and the Honeybee 90 $ 10.00 Brother Adam story — Great !
AX-5003 Life Cycle of the Honey Bee 21 $ 10.00 From egg to adult
AAL-01-5001 The Africanized Honey Bee 80 $ 10.00 Ohio State Univ. series
AAL-03-5001 Diseases & Pests of the Honey Bee 61 $ 10.00 Ohio State Univ. series
AAL-04-5001 The Honey Bee Queen 75 $ 10.00 Ohio State Univ. series
AAL-05-5001 The Sting: A Lasting Experience 63 $ 10.00 Ohio State Univ. series
AAL-11-5001 How to get into the Business 76 $ 10.00 Ohio State Univ. series
AAL-14-5001 Beekeepings History & Development 44 $ 10.00 Ohio State Univ. series
AAJ-0003 Tracheal Mites 13 $ 10.00 Detection and Treatment
AAE-3504 Beekeeping in Northern Climates 40 $ 10.00 By the Univ. of Minnesota
AAD-0005 “Physician Heal Thyself” 40 $ 10.00 Apitherapy history
AV-2002 The Four Seasons of Charlie Mraz 58 $ 10.00 Bee venom therapy
AAG-9952 The Bee Lady of Waldorf 45 $ 10.00 Bee venom therapy
AAN-2703 Bee Venom Therapy for MS 26 $ 10.00 Stinging Solutions for MS
AAO-5001 The Kosher Video 15 $ 10.00 All about Kosher products
AAP-5001 A.I. Root Co. Archive Video 10 $ 10.00 Very old footage - no voice
AAR-5004 Instrumental Insemination 25 $ 10.00 Susan Cobey from Ohio State
AAS-1953 Assembling Hive Bodies & Frames 60 $ 10.00 Bee Culture’s workshop video
AAT-4952 Your Smoker & Reading Frames 30 $ 10.00 Bee Culture’s workshop video
AAV-3003 Finding The Queen 60 $ 10.00 When you must find the Queen.
ABD-0953 Bee Culture's Small Scale Honey Harvesting 56 $ 10.00 Bee Culture’s workshop video
BVT-9953-A The Art of the Sting (part 1) 30 $ 10.00 Bee Venom Therapy
BVT-9953-B The Art of the Sting (part 2) 30 $ 10.00 Nerve Centers for Arthritis & Multiple Sclerosis
BVT-9953-C The Art of the Sting (part 3) 30 $ 10.00 The care and maintenance of bees for therapy.
DVD-5003 A Home School Field Trip to Draper's     Educational for Home Schooled Kids


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We have started copying certain VHS videos to DVD and will be adding them as we can. Below you can choose purchase the videos in VHS or DVD. Some of the DVDs have been copied to +R disks and should work with all DVD players and computers that can play DVDs.

Item #

Video Name




Honey Bees & Beekeeping (parts I & II)
presented by:
University of Georgia

Educational video that covers
1 1/2 years with the bees. Everything from assembling equipment, diseases to extracting.
Run Time: 4 hours

Purchase Price - $ 45.00

Available in DVD


What's Buzzin
presented by:
The National Honey Board

Educational video that is great for younger kids.
Run Time: 11 Minutes

Purchase Price - $ 15.00

Available in DVD and VHS

ABB-5001 The Honey Files:
A Bee's Life
presented by:
The National Honey Board

Educational video that is great for everyone.
Run Time: 20 Minutes

Purchase Price - $ 15.00

Available in DVD


Just Add Honey
presented by:
The National Honey Board

How to cook with honey plus some great recipes. Run Time: 23 Minutes

Purchase Price - $ 15.00

Available in DVD and VHS

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