Pest and Disease Controls

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Pest & Disease Controls


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BS-227 Oxytetracycline Soluble Powder
(A broad spectrum antibiotic) 6.4 oz.


BS-229 Tetra-Bee Mix (10 lb. bag) 45.95

BS-326 TERRA-PATTIES (10 pk.) 19.95


BS-230 Fumagilin-B (1/2 gram bottle)
For dosage and more information click here

BS-232 Fumagilin-B (9 1/2 gram bottle) 172.95

BS-233 Wax Moth Crystals (1 lb.) 7.95

BS-234 Wax Moth Crystals (7 lb. gallon) 36.95

BS-140 Varroa Mite Screen   (comes fully assembled) 11.95
BS-236 Apistan Strip (for Varroa mite control)
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Apistan Strips

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BS-237 Apistan Strip (100 ct. box) 225.00

BS-245 Apiguard (10 ct. box) For more information click here 49.95

BS-238 Menthol Crystals (2 oz. bag) 6.95

2 oz. Menthol Crystals

BS-308 CheckMite Strips (for mite control) CALL  
BS-240 Bee-Go (pint) 22.95

BS-304 Honey Robber (pint) 21.95

BS-311 All Natural - Fischer's Bee Quick (8 fl. oz.) 23.95

BS-239 Fume Pad
(used with Bee-Go or Honey Robber)

BS-241 PI Insecticide
(20 oz. to kill diseased colonies)

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