Draper's Beginners Beekeeping Kit

We are now offering a complete beginners kit without the bees.
The kit includes everything needed to get started in beekeeping - except the bees.

You can order a 3 lb. package of bees to fill your new hive by clicking here.

1 - Plastic Telescoping Cover
(heavy duty and never needs to be painted)
1 - Hive Stand
(For assembly instructions click here)
1 - Hive Tool
1 - Inner Cover 1 - Entrance Feeder 1 - Beekeeping Beginners Book
1 - Hive Body
(For assembly instructions click here)
1 - lb. mixed nails  
10 - 9 1/8 Frames
(For assembly instructions click here)
1 - Zipper Veil Jacket

Note: Some items need assembly and painting

10 - sheets 8 1/2 Foundation 1 - Pair of Canvas Gloves  
1 - Bottom Board
(For assembly instructions click here)
1 - Stainless Steel Smoker
(For smoker instructions click here)


ITEM # BEE-13 - Your Cost - $ 285.00 + shipping and handling

Bee suit sizing is different than choosing regular apparel so we ask that you select your height and weight below when ordering online to help us get the correct suit size. There are other options for bee suits, such as, full length suits or different veil types. If you want something besides the normal jacket pictured above, please give us a call at 800-233-4273 and we will help you find exactly what you need. Full length suits and the larger suits do cost more.

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