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Bee Cam


For a short video clip of the bees in action that has a built in player as a .exe file click here
The Bee Cam runs 24 - 7 and the picture will refresh on its own every 15 seconds.
01/04/12 - I installed a new high resolution camera.

Draper's Bee-Cam

Auto Reload in ~ seconds.

The question I get asked most is ------

and the answer is:  She's in there somewhere!
It is like looking for a needle in a hay stack or playing Where's Waldo.
For all the years we have had the bee-cam
I have only seen her 3 times in front of the camera.
The queen has a yellow spot,
this should make it easier to see her. 
Thank You for visiting and some words of wisdom:
If you don't want to be stung, don't kick a bee hive.

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