Enter the world of Bees and Wasps.
All the types of buzzing bees and wonderful wasps can be found here from the common, the rare, the huge and the tiny. Detailed descriptions of appearance are listed for each one with photos or illustrations to help identify any that you spot.



Honey Bee Art

Scott Ouderkirk Studios

Scott Ouderkirk is an artist, author, new beekeeper and craftsman who teaches and lives in Addison, NY. Scott works in stained glass and pen & ink. His stained glass work is done using traditional and contemporary methods. The traditional method, which was first used during Medieval times, involves drawing or painting on the glass and then kiln-firing it. Some images demand several firings which deepen the tonal values and depth. Contemporary methods used colored glass cut into shapes and surrounded by lead came or foil.


Honey Bees for your iPod

Smiley Cat Software releases HoneyBees! 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch. Honeybees! is a fascinating educational journey into the world of honeybees and beekeeping. It teaches you about all aspects of honeybees including pollination, beekeeping and the biology of honeybees.


National Honey Board

The National Honey Board, through its dozen-member staff in
Longmont, Colorado, conducts research, advertising and promotions
to help maintain and expand domestic and foreign markets for honey.


Beekeeping Library from Russia 

A very informative website on everything about honeybees and their products.


BeeHoo is the world's beekeeping directory, it indexes more than 1000 bee
related sites around the world. Based in France.

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