Our Customer's Observation Hives

This is a new page that I have just started and if you have one of our observation hives and would like a picture of it posted here, just email it to me and I will add it. webmaster@draperbee.com

CT Children's Museum
New Haven, CT


Their observation hive is a very popular attraction and...

They have come up with a brilliant idea and have installed little microphones so that the children who are blind (and all kids, in fact) can HEAR the bees.  For their kids with visual disabilities, the hive is meaningless because they cannot see it.  So, now they can hear the bees buzzing!



Jeff sent this picture of his observation hive in Hawaii.

It looks good and full!


Jim's observation hive in MO

Thanks for the pictures Jim!


I just talked with Jim this morning (01/14/06) he just called to let me know that his observation hive is doing great and that he hasn't had any problems with it. He has had his observation hive for over 3 years now.


They have a little burr-comb started.

They are building up the foundation, good job girls!

Jim's observation hive entrance.

Jim's observation hive
entrance close up.


Jim's hard working queen.