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Honey Bee Nutrition And Supplemental Feeding
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Spring Feeding Items


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BS-062 Wooden Entrance Feeder 6.95

BS-324 Plastic Entrance Feeder 4.95

BS-063 Division Board Feeder  (8 1/2" only) 4.75

BS-312 Hive Top Feeder 22.95

BS-323 Hive Top Feeder Complete 33.95

BS-255 2 Gallon plastic feeder pail 8.95

BS-338 Hive Extender (Used for winter or spring feeding) Info. Sheet 3.95

BS-339 5 lb. Sugar Block (Preformed to be used with the Hive Extender) 9.95

BS-227 Powdered Terramycin (6.4 oz bag) 7.95

BS-228 Tetra-Bee Mix (2 lb shaker can) 15.95

BS-229 Tetra-Bee Mix (10 lb bag) 24.95

BS-326 TERRA-PATTIES® (10 pk) 17.95

BS-327 BEE-PRO® Patties 3.95

BEE-PRO Patties

BS-328 BEE-PRO® Patties (10 pk) 37.95

BS-230 Fumagilin-B (1/2 gram bottle) 25.95

BS-231 Fumagilin-B (2 gram bottle) 54.95

BS-232 Fumagilin-B (9 1/2 gram bottle) 172.95


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